photo by REDstar


photo by REDstar

Artist Statement

During the very early years of my life I was fascinated with clay. I dreamed of constructing a daub and wattle type hut on the bank of a creek near my house and spending the night in it.  At sunrise I arose and dipped a clay vessel  I had made into the cool waters for my first drink of the new day. This image is still with me today and though I realized then that it was only a dream, it felt real and perfect to me and I wanted to share that feeling with others. I strive to create works that convey a sense of this innocent contemplation and meditation.

Inspiration for my work comes from observations of nature and humans, the interaction between them and the results of the interactions.  My process involves stoneware and porcelain clay bodies with native clay additions, wheel throwing and hand building, raw glazing with local granite, wood ashes and clay materials and finally firing in a wood fired kiln with local oak, birch and ash wood.  Firings are always a community event with visiting potters helping with loading, firing and celebrating.

I thoroughly enjoy what I do and appreciate the support I receive from family and friends which enables me to have such a fulfilling life.